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Originally Posted by thurmas View Post
I know the albertans here won't like what I have to say but like me are you tired of the media in general portraying alberta as western canada and western canadian values. I mean Alberta is only 1/3 of western canada yet it seems to get much more attention than B.C. who has a million more people and Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I just get annoyed of Albertans getting all high and mighty on their horse and trying to teach the rest of canada lessons and how much better life in alberta is, just wish they could be a bit more humble!
Politics is fun

It may have 1/3 of Western Canada's population, but in the grand scheme of things that 1/3 has a large amount of wealth which can only increase in the coming years/decades (money=power=influence).

Yes, not all agree with how Alberta presents itself on the national and international stage, but Alberta has the will and a way to a better future, a future which fortunately includes the rest of Canada. I can only suggest that you consider future advice/criticism from Alberta and any other jurisdiction with the hope that some of it may prove useful in your humble province of Manitoba.
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