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Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
Wrong. By the time those Islands are washed away, Water in New York City and LA would only be like a foot deep, Cities like NYC are raised above water, they dont build an entire city the same height as the water..
WRONG!. The Islands are 4 meters (that will be more then 13 ft) above the sea level, more then Dubai city on shore and other places around the World housing hundreds of millions of people.

Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
Um. Wrong, Again. Diggin land for a single skyscraper or a planned neighborhood is much more enviromentally friendly than dumping dirt into the ocean. The left over dirt would probably be used to cover landfills, and build massive parks over them..
WRONG AGAIN! Who mentioned anything about building on land? Singapore, Hong Kong, The Netherlands and Japan were mentioned becouse of their MASSIVE land reclamation projects.

Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
Of couse, Dubai is wasteing millions of gallons of water to keep their plants green, theres another disaster right there.
Of course you know very well what kind of water Dubai uses to keep the city green. Gasp ... Gasp ... it doesn't uses tap/fresh water AT ALL. It uses processed water from the treatment of the sewages that are not dumped in the sea, lakes and rivers as you do overthere.

Who's laughing now
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