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Originally Posted by Corinth940 View Post
Red McCombs says Alamo City has more ammo for NFL hunt
San Antonio Business Journal - January 26, 2007
by W. Scott Bailey
I'm not sure I've read a more uninformative article than this in at least 10 days. The gist is that the governor and current local leaders "get it" (oh yeah, throw in a former mayor). The sports world and new commissioner "understand it". Even though the understanding is different from the getting, it's all good.

Maybe the writer could have asked Red, who owned a franchise, why he didn't move his team to SA. Did he not get it? I mean because if he did you would think SA would have got it because he must get it to be able to identify now as the best time to get it.

But seriously, thanks for posting the print article for us non-subscribers.
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