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Originally Posted by MalcolmTucker View Post
Isn't the crux that people are being priced out? They are being priced out because others find it highly desireable to live near Chicago and transportation to where they want to go in Chicago. The effect is indirect - they aren't leaving because they can't get to downtown, they are being priced out because others can't get downtown from enough places fast enough.
No, this is not it at all.

Gentrification is not pushing lower and middle income black people out of Chicago. The job market, taxes, and criminal gang activity are.

They don’t want to get shot by some POS gangster who just got out of jail because Kim Foxx doesn’t think that repeat gun offenses warrant being held without bond. I sure as hell would bail from Englewood if I were raising a family there too.

The story we are hearing about black Chicagoans blaming whites is really just about scoring political points for elected officials. The real story is about movement. People are quietly moving the hell out of here—that says more than words. They are fed up with the crime and the shootings, along with of course the taxes, etc and aren’t sticking around to complain about it. That is the real story.
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