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This seems like this is part of a larger trend of moderate to low income people of all races leaving Chicago and higher income people moving in. The article states that higher income black people are moving in. Maybe in the future that will reach a critical mass similar to DC's black professional class. The significance though, is that black culture has been very important to the history and development of Chicago and cities in general are great because they are diverse and inclusive.

Here is a counter-narrative for you directly, is it important to keep white people in Chicago?
I think a city should try to appeal to people whom global and local economic forces are going to make it possible for them to appeal to.

Cities like Chicago no longer make sense for black families earning below $100k. Nothing any Mayor is going to do is likely to change that. But it still can be appealing to higher income folks of all ethnic groups, young singles/couples, and immigrants who work in certain trades and who don’t tend to live in neighborhoods being terrorized on a daily basis by gang activity.
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