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Yes, this seems like part of a larger trend; moderate to low income residents move out and higher income residents move in. The article states that higher income blacks are moving in but not at the pace that lower income blacks are leaving. Maybe in the future when the population lost stabilizes the number of higher income blacks might reach a critical mass similar. The problem though is the it's harder to get to that critical mass or grow it when black people don't feel comfortable putting down roots and staying here. In my anecdotal experience Chicago is usually a stopping point for professional blacks before they move to more welcoming cities. Maybe we need to shed low income residents in general but why are we ok with black professionals choosing DC or ATL or NYC over Chicago? The significance though, is that black culture and black people have been very important to the history and development of Chicago. Cities in general are great because they are diverse and inclusive. I agree with the sentiment expressed in the article that it often feels like there is no place for blacks in Chicago. In that, I mean, it often feels like the City doesn't view black neighborhoods as important or vital and other groups view blacks as undesirable at best. I think if a similar exodus was taking place in DC or ATL alarm bells would be ringing.

Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
Why is keeping black people in Chicago important?

Please don’t take this in any negative way, but why not ask the question?

Cities are great because they change. They are dynamic, and the needs of their communities evolve in a changing world, and people move on.

If people are voting with their feet, they are voting with their feet. Best encourage other groups to occupy the real estate that they left behind, instead of holding on to the past.
Here is a counter-narrative for you directly, is it important to keep white people in Chicago?

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