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I refer to it as WAITaburger cause there's nothing fast about that food. Dig me some WB anyway.

All through college I used to make fun of peeps from Corpus who were way too proud of the dt Corpus 'flagship' WB. Like it was the city's only claim to fame.

Them: "Did you know it's TWO stories? AND they bring you your food!"
Me: "Get out of south texas more often. There's plenty of two-story fast food joints out there. And of course they bring you your food. They slow. All the damn whataburgers bring you your food. That's what those clever little number deals they give you are for."

But a dt store would be sweet. I could see them putting one in on the north side of DT by the library (by the Chase Bank and newish starbucks.) Seems to be where suburb type development seems to go in DT (their own build/new construction).
"We marched five leagues over a fine country with broad plains, the most beautiful in all of New Spain. We camped on the banks of an arroyo. This I called San Antonio de Padua, because we reached it on the day of his festival." - General Domingo Teran de los Rios, June 13, 1691, in a letter to the King of Spain on the occasion of the founding of San Antonio.
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