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Yeah, "delay" was probably the wrong word

Originally Posted by STLtoSA View Post
I wouldn't say delay as much as it is following the process.

I can't imagine that the Primera Proposal will be accepted. However, if it is accepted, I will be intrigued. That would mean that they have proposed something that at least comes close to what Weston Urban has. I wouldn't hold my breath, they aren't the sexiest property management company.

There are so many factors to consider:
- Frost is not part of the Primera deal; if city chooses Primera what happens with Frost Bank?
- What will come of other city properties if COSA moved into Riverview?
- No Parking!
- Additional related developments?

As for the Weston Urban proposal:
- Is the Frost bank Building too big for COSA?
- Room to grow!
- Financials?

The Municipal Plaza building is a mess and Metro Health is even worse. Getting rid of those facilities as well as other leased space in downtown and around San Antonio would be huge for the city. It is hard to imagine that Primera can offer even a fraction of what the Weston Urban proposal does/says.

We will know soon how good the Primera Proposal is; simply by whether or not the committee accepts the proposal along with Weston Urban's.
It's just that the Weston/Frost proposal was in it's last hour of waiting on counter bids, and now there is, possibly, another thirty days for the Primera proposal.

*Sigh* You do learn patience living here.
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