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It's been my experience that most projects that stay active and are serious about getting built actually end up getting built larger and grander than originally stated. The only ones in Austin that were scaled back in size and height had been on hold for a time and then started up again, though, not always in the same form. Almost every other project that kept inching along and stayed active ended up being bigger than what was initially announced. Back in like 1997 there was an office tower planned in downtown that was announced as a 352 foot building with 27 floors. It was a decent design, but not exactly groundbreaking or skyline changing. That building never happened in that form, but ended up becoming larger. It's name was Congress at Fourth before Frost Bank became the lead tenant which gave it naming rights to the tower. I've learned to be patient and not believe everything I hear or get my hopes up. Weston and Frost Bank definitely have the ability to get this tower built, and Frost Bank does need the increased space.
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