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My prediction: should there be an expansion of the NFL into a foreign country, it will be into Mexico City.

Originally Posted by DCReid View Post
I think 3-4 NBA teams may move among Brooklyn
Are you saying that you expect the Nets to leave Brooklyn? Or that you expect another team to move into Brooklyn?

Originally Posted by DCReid View Post
For NFL, I think Buffalo will lose their team to Toronto. I think either the LA Chargers or NY Jets will move, with one going to London.
I have a hard time seeing any of those moves. Toronto already treats the Bills as their de facto team, so it's hard to see why Bills ownership would alienate the fans by moving away from Buffalo.

I also can't envision the Jets leaving NY. They have a new stadium in the league's biggest market. Why would they want to move to an untested market in another country? The Chargers would be more vulnerable to a move to test London, but I doubt the NFL will be approving any moves out of L.A. for the next couple decades.
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