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Originally Posted by DCReid View Post
MLS has 12 west teams and 11 east. I think Miami is getting a new team.
NHL has one less central team than other divisions. Maybe Houston or Austin will get a team. I think MLS will see the most growth.

I think 3-4 NBA teams may move among Brooklyn, Sacramento, LA Clippers, Memphis and/or New Orleans. I think Seattle will get a team and maybe Memphis will move to Nashville. I don't think San Antonio will move to Austin, but perhaps they may play some games there. I don't think Midwest will get another NBA team. Las Vegas may get an NBA team from one of the California cities.

For NFL, I think Buffalo will lose their team to Toronto. I think either the LA Chargers or NY Jets will move, with one going to London.

For MLB, I think San Diego and Oakland will move, with one perhaps going to Portland and one going to Austin.
Very interesting response, especially considering Brooklyn and Sacramento are the two newest tenants of new NBA arenas, and considering the recent revelation that Ballmer intends to keep the Clippers in the L.A. area (albeit in a new arena in Inglewood). But I agree with your sentiment, because as a former L.A. resident and current NYC resident, it seems as though no one cares about the Clippers or the Nets in those two metro areas (they are Lakers and Knicks territory, respectively).

I agree that Buffalo could likely lose the Bills to Toronto. It's somewhat hard to imagine, though, as Buffalo is one of those cities with deep NFL history (a la Green Bay and Pittsburgh).

I thought it was strange that the San Diego Chargers would occupy the multibillion dollar stadium that the Rams are building in Inglewood, but now that they are set to do so in two years, I am not sure whether a move away from that stadium by 2028 is likely.

And I can see the Oakland A's possibly relocating to Portland, too (one MLB team in the Bay Area seems to be enough), but would have a harder time seeing the San Diego Padres relocate to Austin.
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