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A house from 1906 really isn’t that old. There are thousands of Georgian rowhouses in London from the mid-19th century or earlier, and when they were built they didn’t have bathrooms. Modern plumbing didn’t exist, so people used chamber pots that were emptied by their staff. The kitchens, if there was one, were dark rooms in the basement with the servant’s quarters next to them. I don’t think most people would be ok with that setup these days.
True enough. In my city the oldest homes left (aside from a few oddballs) are from the 1830s, meaning there is nothing Georgian, and only a handful of Federalist-style buildings. You can always tell the random really old ones on a row though, because they had so much lower floor heights than the late 19th century homes. Here's a good example in a non-gentrified area. Dunno how old the shorter house is, but it was built some time prior to the 1872 maps. It's two stories are almost as short as the first story of the house next door! I presume it must be kinda like living in a hobbit house.

There are relatively few Victorian houses in my city with a lot of internal elements left intact, and those that there are are quite expensive. And of course everyone updates kitchens and baths to some degree. I think it's sacrilege to paint white (or remove entirely) built-ins and ornate woodwork.
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