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Originally Posted by vertex View Post
God dammit SA, stop stealing CC's companies. First HEB, now Whataburger.

Really? Does moving 100 miles up the road to city with 3 interstates instead of 1 and a nominally larger airport with little in the way of direct flights really make a difference? And since when is moving to stay out of the way of hurricanes ever been an excuse for anyone to move?

The way I see it, you have a CEO with no familial ties to the original company making a strictly personal and subjective decision.

Kind of like the way Phoenix tried to steal USAA. Companies move; get use to it. HEB didn't start in Corpus. And hurricanes are a valid reason to move. Try running a corporate HQs when your county is cordoned off. Few employees and limited power provided by generators, even for two or three weeks, seems a very good reason to leave. I saw it first hand during the IKE recovery in the Golden Triangle. I spoke to one CEO. He said, "I've thought about moving the company further inland." I'm sure y'all can guess my suggestion. I doubt they will leave anytime soon, which is good since the region really needs this company. I feel bad for CC, but I think Dobson is using better reasoning than Stephenson, for moving his company. %@** we lost Fuddruckers.

SAT is significantly larger than CRP. It's one of the fastest growing airports in the country and offers a good amount of direct flights, especially when you consider the proximity of DFW, DAL, and IAT.
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