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Originally Posted by kornbread View Post
The CPS move is listed as proposed, but that's not really the case. They have put the idea out there for a private developer to add new office space to downtown, and they would be willing to lease. I understand them wanting to move into new modern offices. However, I would not be surprised to see them move into upgraded offices in the old at&t campus on the river. It's hard to imagine someone else moving into those spaces anytime soon. USAA had the chance, instead they chose some old strip space out in the burbs (way to commit to the city)

If this is a catch all for development, then the Federal Courthouse is also missing.
The CPS CEO has said it will be a new construction building and that they will not be leasing space in any current building[s] dowmtowm. Them just relocating to the former at&t buildings in river north is not going to happen.

This was in the last article covering the new CPS HQ.

Previously, CPS had considered a proposal from a group led by prominent developer Ed Cross.

Under that proposal, the parties would have swapped the utility's downtown properties — its headquarters at 145 Navarro St., the parking garage and office space across the street, as well as nearby surface parking lot — and a facility on the Northwest Side in exchange for two former AT&T office buildings at 500 and 530 McCullough Ave.

Cross' proposal was put on ice in May.
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