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Mayor confirms he will not be attending 2016 Pride Parade

By Carly Robinson
Associate Producer Global News

The Saskatoon Pride Festival is just weeks away, and in the past Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison’s absence from the Pride parade had people talking. Once again, scheduling will keep the mayor from attending the event.

Mayor Atchison tells Global News that though he will be unable to attend the 2016 Pride Parade, he will be present at other festival events such as the Gaybourhood family barbecue. “We attend some of their events,” says Mayor Don Atchison, adding “we can’t make it to everything.”

This year Saskatoon’s Pride Parade falls on Saturday June 11, a day Atchison says he will be celebrating his father’s 90th birthday.

“I think there are a lot of priorities in life,” says Atchison, “and as a matter of fact I can tell you right now my father is celebrating his 90th birthday, and I think my dad’s 90th birthday takes priority over everything.”

“And if people have a problem with me celebrating my dad’s 90th birthday, too bad for them. Because my dad’s a special guy, he’s 90 years old and I don’t know how much longer he’ll be with us. He’s a great man and he deserves to have that day too.”

Atchison says there are priorities throughout the city of Saskatoon. “I find it interesting, people who don’t show up to the Friendship Inn Christmas lunch, they don’t serve there so does that mean they don’t like people who can’t get Christmas dinner at home?”


^ The crap that spews from this guy's mouth. It's embarrassing.

The Mayor will attend the Pride BBQ so that he can grab a burger and go before "they" get too close.
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