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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
Of the "big three" mainland US Asian centers, New York has the most Chinese and Indians/South Asians, while L.A. leads for Filipinos, Koreans and Vietnamese. Bay Area is second for all except Koreans.

L.A. is the least Chinese/Indian dominated and is the most "balanced" in terms of nationalities, but really underperforms in terms of Indians/South Asians (fewer than Chicago and Washington); the Asian population is overwhelmingly East and Southeast Asian. Only 31% are Chinese or Indian and 45% belong to the two largest groups (Chinese and Filipinos). In New York, 64% are Chinese or Indian.
For what it’s worth, LA CSA had the largest Sri Lankan population as of the 2012 ACS... don’t know if there are more recent estimates for CSAs. LA’s “underperformance” in the South Asian “category” really only applies to Indian, and to a lesser extent Pakistani (but they don’t have a terribly large presence in the US, and only NYC has a relatively sizable presence).

Turning the tables, NYC CSA has a very poor representation of Southeast Asian groups across the board. Even Chicago has greater percentages of the two main groups (Filipino and Vietnamese).

And the Bay Area’s Korean population (a major East Asian ethnic group) being as small as it is is almost as odd as LA’s poor showing of Indians.
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