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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
Basically NW Toronto is the largest concentration of Black Torontonians but also has sizeable South Asian and Latin American populations. Some spillover into Brampton.

North Scarborough is "Chinese Scarborough" with some Sri Lankan Tamil presence around the edges. Spillover into Markham.

South/central/east Scarborough is largely south of the 401 and is basically polyglot (non-Chinese) Scarborough. South Asians are the largest minority, Black is second. Ajax/Pickering is the middle income extension of it.
Lots of Filipinos in South/central/east Scarborough too. North Ajax seems to be the main area that's the middle income extension, since that's where the new homes are being built, the older parts of Pickering and Ajax are traditionally White (mostly British?) and they're mostly staying put so they're not freeing up as much housing for the ascending middle class of Blacks and South Asians.

South Asians are almost as numerous as Blacks in NW Toronto, Etobicoke North is actually South Asian plurality, while Humber River-Black Creek and York South-Weston are White plurality (with Blacks 2nd and South Asians 3rd). There's a fairly significant Vietnamese presence around Jane-Finch as well.
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