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Originally Posted by Winnipegger View Post
I think you're overestimating how much the big banks care about anything else other than their bottom line. Unless it has to do with building a new head office in Toronto, Canadian banks seem keen on doing everything possible to protect their profits. Not saying that's a good or bad thing, but we've seen that despite record profits the banks continue to lay off staff, close branches, consolidate, etc. Sure, that's the way of business but it really demonstrates how little banks care about the communities they operate in (other than having the nicest tower on Bay Street of course).
Yeah, you're probably right. Unless someone in the C-suite occupies it, the banks appear to not give a crap about their physical presence anymore.

At the rate things are going, once the lease at 201 Portage expires in a few years we can all look forward to BMO's new main branch next to the Money Mart in this thing:

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