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Originally Posted by SFTransplant View Post
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Santa Fe, NM
La Jolla, CA
Ketchum, Idaho
Boise, Idaho
Denver, Co
Vancouver, BC
San Francisco
Marin County.

Vancouver was by far and away my favorite place.
I think Victoria has the better climate--only half the rain of Vancouver (about 25 inches instead of 50) and sunnier, but still enough rain for open forests of oak and conifers. Of course a much smaller city, but still a nice place to live, especially if you are retired.

I've gotten around--born in Pasadena CA, also lived in North Hollywood, Van Nuys, San Diego, San Francisco area, Seattle, Denver. I find things to like about all. The Huntington Library/Art Gallery/Botanical Garden complex in San Marino near Pasadena is the most amazing place. Well worth a day to see.
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