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Originally Posted by craigs View Post
The stretch of Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood that was picked as an example of "unwalkability" is 1) purpose-built as a boring area for boring rich people who don't want to interact with the public at all, 2) built around the corner from busy, pedestrian-oriented (and rich and boring) Westwood Village, and 3) around the corner from busy, walkable, more diverse Westwood Boulevard.

People who live in the area pictured can, if they choose not to be boring and physically attached to their cars, easily walk to three first-run movie theaters, numerous shops and eateries, art galleries, sports events, concerts, lectures, etc. There aren't many bars in the area, however, as UCLA initially barred drinking establishments within a certain proximity to campus, and that hasn't really changed much over the decades.
Agreed. Like I said, the options are there and it's not much of a walk to Westwood Village for many of those highrises.
Westwood Village isn't a cool neighborhood in LA, but it's busy as hell, especially during the week. Alot of office towers in the area and there's friggin buses everywhere.
It acts like a small downtown. It might be the most in need off a subway station than anywhere else in LA. At the moment anyway.

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