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Originally Posted by Glacier View Post
The land between Clinton and Prince George is almost prairie like. It's some of the easiest land in Canada to build highways on. It's mostly rolling hills with lots of open grassland. The last little bit to Cache Creek is a little tougher, but still nothing compared to what the Trans Canada goes though from the Alberta border to Hope.

If putting the lanes together is better, why do they separate the lanes on "interstates" and most freeways in Canada?
Maybe the 97 doesn't have the worst terrain, but overall BC has an immense amount of mountainous roadway and a taxpayer base of only 4M people. The point is, that while it would be nice if every road we used was upgraded to the standard we wanted, there is only a limited amount of money and other roads may rightly have priority.

Originally Posted by 240glt View Post
It is better to have a median in between lanes rather than a concrete barricade, it’s a lot less dangerous to wipe out into a median than it is to pile your car into a concrete barrier. If the need to twin 97 up to PG is warranted there’s lots of room for a separated feeway
My comment was primarily pointed at the false notion that trash filled grass between lanes is 'green space'. It isn't, it is space taken away from actual green space and ugly. However, you are correct it is probably marginally safer (I don't have any data either way), so is a fine choice in places where land is cheap and ugly like the prairies. However in places where land is expensive, hard to build on and precious, wide medians are a waste.
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