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Originally Posted by Fryguy View Post
Emporia states it's going to be 417ft.
That height is only an estimate. I wouldn't go with it. I used to be an editor for San Antonio for Emporis, but I haven't touched it in years. I also don't think they have anyone representing San Antonio anymore, so it's unlikely they would have found a height for it. I wish that there was a way to review building plans through the city's website. I'd do it myself if there was. That's what I've done for Austin and I've been able to find building heights for every single highrise built since 1980 or so.

Renderings are also mostly useless to use as a means of estimating a height with much accuracy, which is likely what they did with that height. The height that we've always gone with for the Tower Life Building is 404 feet. In the rendering, the JMJ Towers seems to be a bit shorter than that since the cupola atop the Tower Life Building seems to be a bit higher than the roof of the JMJ Tower. What's more, the Tower Life Building is farther away from the camera than the JMJ Tower is, so the perspective should have made it appear even smaller (shorter) than the JMJ Tower. I would guess that the JMJ Tower is probably around 400 feet give or take a few feet.

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