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Originally Posted by bomberjet View Post
There's an RFP out for the AT bridge over Assiniboine River. Good project for general connectivity. Osborne right into Bro-Ass.

It's a dream of mine that a riverwalk on the South side be completed along with the pending redevelopment of South Point It would need to be built higher than the existing North side riverwalk and I'm not sure how the properties lining the river can accommodate it but it would be pretty sweet.

Another pretty major gap in the bike path network imo, is on route 90 between Ikea and McGillivray, which is exacerbated by the lack of a path on Waverly South of McGillivray. Basically, I need to head down Waverly then over to Kenaston any time I visit friends in the surprisingly bike friendly evil suburbs of Waverly West. I often drive because it's more convenient. First world problems
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