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Originally Posted by LilZebra View Post
Come here to discuss everything bicycle-related. This includes the following pertinent topics:

* Bicycling
* Bicycle paths - current & in planning
* Bicycle lanes - current and in planning
* Bicycle repair shops & their location(s)

NOTE : This is not a thread for discussion of mass transit, public transit, "rapid" transit, etc... For subjects relating to "transit" in the metro area, please see this thread. Thx.
I used to love cycling through Assiniboine Park, Wellington crescent, and up to the Osborne Village when I resided in Old Charleswood in the late 90s. There are also several paved routes from the Park through the outskirts of the Forest to Grant Avenue. It was such a waste when the city built over that North- South rail line that extended from Linden woods to Notre Dame, and placed big box stores on the old line. It would have been perfect for cyclists trekking from the south area to RRC or Polo Park.
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