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Big Bend Brewing Company

It looks like we now have the location of the proposed Big Bend Brewery:

It is also the spirit that inspired Big Bend Brewing Company to come in from Alpine to host a hangout of their own on the afternoon of Saturday, May 20, posting up in the parking lot of their new building (located at 1310 Cornerway) to share some desert-brewed beverages and start to settle in to their second home. According to operations vice president Mahala Guevara, SA’s welcoming, ever-ascendant beer culture is the perfect second home for a brewery founded by Steve Anderson, the godfather of Texas craft beer.

“There’s so many interesting people doing such interesting things in SA,” Guevara said. “The wider national culture may not have realized that yet, but it’s just going to be a couple of years before they do. We’d like to grow our brewery and our business in that kind of vibrant, lively economy and culture.”
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