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Originally Posted by CDBAG View Post
this is shaping up to be an interesting election:

You have Atchison, whom everyone knows and either dislikes or dislikes him more.

Clark who is against the way the city has been growing despite being on council the last 2 terms, and partially responsible for it, I'm interested to learn what his actual platform is, haven't really heard anything except that he's an alternative to Atchison.

Dayday, same as Atchison.

Moore, who seems to be in the anti-development camp, reading her interview in the neighbourhood express, is opposed to the south downtown...still, even though the ship has sailed. Just an aside, her partner in business and life is Lenore Sywstun.
Do you think it is coincidence that on the same day as her announcement the heritage society tries to stake claim to the 3rd Ave united church?
To be fair, she isn't opposed to it. She is opposed to how it's been dealt with, as I would assume much of the city's population is.

"One of the major issues she sees coming up in the campaign is the south downtown, and whether too much time and money has gone into its development, along with tax abatements for the upcoming hotel and condo development.
People are frustrated about how long it’s taken to get shovels in the ground — and they’re not in yet, she noted."
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