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Living in the past? It is beautiful to "live in the past"! We must not forget history! I was in Quebec City in Canada last month, and the city has done a wonderful job of distinguishing between old town and new town. It is an absolutely beautiful city with a booming economy! So being that San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in the country, I think the leaders here have done extremely well for modernizing the city. A little bit of modern blended in with the old and historical! A totally modern city IMO is boring!
I don't think Jaga is necessarily wrong. We have the missions and the river walk to remind us of the past, but this is something new and modern. It gives a different feel and provides variety.

So as I'm totally for making an historical and educational portion of the San Pedro Creek, I'm even more for a good portion of it being 21st century design and technology. Just as the river walk reminds us of the early 20th century, this is the 21st century linear park for the city core.
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