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Originally Posted by Reignman View Post
Unfortunately from my understanding, the lights at Waverley are to remain in place, to allow NB vehicles from Waverley to make a left onto 100. I also recall hearing of a near-term plan to install new lights at Brady Road which, if true, would make for three traffic lights in a very short stretch.
Ugh. I would insert the requisite complaint, but that is becoming cliche by this point.

Originally Posted by CoryB View Post
My personal "worst intersection on the Perimeter" award goes to west bound Wilkes and south bound Perimeter. The "merge" lane is extremely short and after a 180 degree turn making it virtually impossible to be fully up to speed when you merge.
I agree with your choice of intersection but would change the orientation to northbound Perimeter. The intersection at Oak Bluff creates a plug of cars that does not resolve itself by Wilkes, leading to no room for cars merging northbound that either a) do not have the power or room to accelerate up the incline, or b) exhibit a near perfect contingent of drivers who are too defensive to use their gas pedal assertively. I have sympathy for drivers attempting that merge, but I believe (b) plays a critical role that is often overlooked.
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