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A bunch of impressive ones from Europe :

Tour Plein Ciel in Saint-Etienne, France (built in 1970, demolished in 2011) :
Video Link

Barre B de Champfleury in Avignon, France (built probably in the late 1950's or early 1960's, demolished in 1987):
Video Link

Another one from Saint-Etienne : La "Muraille de Chine" (The "Great Wall of China", it was the nickname of this housing project, built in the 1960's, demolished in 2000), starts at 2:20 :
Video Link

Barre Debussy, in La Courneuve, near Paris, France (built in the 1960's, demolished in 1986), starts at 0:54 :
Video Link

Sandfield Road Flats in Glasgow, UK (built in the 1960's, demolished in 2013), starts at 1:53 :
Video Link
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