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Originally Posted by VANRIDERFAN View Post
So it looks like the 16 / TCH interchange is dead then.

They should also continue the east Brandon Bypass beyond PTH 10 (south) and have it join the TCH at Kemney.
It needs to proceed as well. As for a Brandon bypass, the current route seems OK, but to upgrade to freeway standards might require a slight realignment. Three options exist:

* Upgrade existing route. Existing MB-1 corridor used with no new alignment necessary. Interchanges would most likely be at MB-10 and 18th Street. Some compromises would be necessary (i.e. a lower speed and a third lane in each direction due to weaving). Service roads would need to be realigned and some expropriation necessary.

* Freeway alignment to the north. Existing MB-1 could be closed off and the service roads used for local use. Interchanges would be most likely at MB-10 and Rugby Road (better separated, allowing a 110 km/h speed throughout). Some farmland needs expropriation but provides the most room for an interchange at Highway 10. My preference.

* Freeway alignment to the south, a bit closer to downtown. Again, MB-10 and 18th Street would be most suitable for interchanges. A few businesses and some farmland would need to be expropriated, and interchange spacing is again a bit of an issue.

As for returning at Kemnay, that is a big problem unless reconstruction takes place - trucks aren't allowed on the western part of 1A due to the low bridge! Although that is a good place for an local interchange, it is not a good primary route.
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