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While looking for pictures of the elusive shoe store and cleaners on Santa Monica Boulevard yesterday, I stumbled across this picture of the Santa Monica Freeway under construction - I don't think we've seen it before. Just left of the construction zone, about halfway down, is Dr. Kurtz's house on Toberman Street. On the right, just above the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, is the Young Apartment building.

USC Digital Library

Looking a little closer, we can see the subjects of a few more posts. Near the "Weber" sign at the top, left, and partly hidden by a tree, is the Otsego Apartment building. I posted a picture of the unfinished sections of road across the Harbor Freeway in post #17868. The large building near the bottom is the Odd Fellow Temple on Oak Street. I think we can even see the rooftop radio station that e_r mentioned in post #16718. The dark mound above the Odd Fellow Temple marks the future home of the CHP building.

Detail of photo above.

A couple of previous posts with pictures of the Santa Monica Freeway being built:
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