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Originally Posted by MolsonExport View Post
holy cow, a forty-six storey building in the Peg?

That is serious! There is nothing in the forty-plus range in the Province.
Tallest in height is currently the 33 floor 201 Portage at 128 m (420 ft). Tallest by floor count is 55 Nassau at 38 floors. However, it's an apartment block built in 1970 and only measures 109 m (358 ft).

170m would be pretty massive compared to everything else here. Even if it gets scaled down (which tends to happen to many Winnipeg buildings), people will still be pretty happy. The lot it's proposed for is a big ugly surface parking lot in the middle of downtown. The more of those that get filled, the better. Combine this project with the Convention Centre expansion and the proposed development by the MTS Centre and Winnipeg is actually starting to achieve some sort of density downtown. Well, with buildings at least. Still need to convince those pesky suburbanites that there's stuff worth doing downtown and that you won't get stabbed. For the record, I work downtown and spend many evenings there and I've yet to be stabbed