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Originally Posted by niccanning View Post
Finally found it. Not sure if it was discussed on any of the forums yet. The development is called "The Sundara". There is pictures and such here:
Looks like four buildings in total. I think I like it, though another story would have been nice.
Also, here's the "Hillside" concept plan... though it's old now:
Too bad about the 500 large properties going op on the hill adjacent.
The development going up on Blackmarsh Road is actually a nice looking one in my opinion. I saw a pamphlet a few weeks ago illustrating what it will look like and it is not a run of the mill subdivision with as many house crammed in as possible. The developer has put ample green space, walking trails and there is a mix of detached houses and condo complexes. I couldn't find a schematic of it online but here is the developers website and a brief discussion on it:
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