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Didn't realize this was happening, but the smaller medical office building (see the old rendering above) underwent design changes based on input from the Planning Commission.

From the SF Business Times:


California Pacific Medical Center revamps MOB plans at Cathedral Hill
San Francisco Business Times - by Chris Rauber
Monday, August 15, 2011

California Pacific Medical Center , under fire from several quarters for its plans for a $1.7 billion Cathedral Hill hospital and medical office complex near downtown San Francisco, is altering the design of its nine-story, 496,000-square-foot medical office building there.


CPMC made the design changes in response to concerns at the San Francisco Planning Commission about the original “design and scale,” according to an Aug. 11 memo to Planning Commissioners from Elizabeth Watty of the department’s staff. Commissioners wanted the MOB to be more compatible with historic buildings along Van Ness Avenue, “more contextual” and related architecturally to nearby buildings, and smaller in scale.


Among other changes, Watty’s memo noted, CPMC agreed to:

-Replace the structure’s proposed “glass skin” with a concrete cladding with an infilled building grid and "large glass openings” to more closely match neighboring structures.
-Replace the original asymmetrical design with a symmetrical one.
-Put the entry in the center of the structure, rather than the corner.
-Lower the podium to align with other structures nearby, setting back the upper portion from the Van Ness podium facade “to reinforce this structure at the street.”
-Add a “contemporary cornice” at the top to link with other buildings in the vicinity with “strong cornices along the street.”
-Replace large expanses of glass with GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), “which has a heavier quality and is more similar to the materials of the historic buildings along Van Ness Avenue.”
-“Break up the bulk” of the proposed MOB by using a variety of materials, such as stone, GFRC and glass, and more variation in depth on the building’s facade.
I've tried several times to post the rendering but it just won't work. So go here to check it out:*900.jpg?v=1

Compared to the original, I'd say this is a big step backward. However, if the hospital gets approved I can live with this new design for the smaller office building.
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