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maybe I have missed the explanation, but what the hell is that massive viaduct-like structure around the stadium???? Alone, that thing must cost over $50 million! (maybe more)

Grêmio Arena

20th September beginning of construction event, over 10 thousand fans

fans going from the old stadium to the terrain where the new stadium will be built, for the event marking the beginning of construction

the event

Hugo de Leon, a player who conquered the World Title (against Hamburg SV, from Germany), in 1983, bringing a piece of the grass from the old stadium to plant it, simbolically, in the area of the new stadium

all images from here

Grêmio fans, at the event, chanting a song against our cross city arch-rivals, Internacional, who are reforming their old decrepit stadium (while we are building a brand new one )
Video Link

members of the Geral, a "firm" (sometimes called Ultras in Europe, here in Brazil we simply call them Torcidas Organizadas (Organized Rooters) arriving for the event
Video Link

video showing the Arena structure
Video Link

and a video I shot today showing the workers driving the piles into the Earth. The construction company is still hiring workers and bringing equipement. Three more pile driver machines are supposed to arrive in the next week or so and in a few months they want to have 2000 workers...
Video Link
Easy, Tychus. This ain´t science fiction
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