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Chad, I respect you and your company for doing what you're doing and I love your two projects in the downtown area, btw are there still legal troubles with Snow White are they finally going to move out so you can get started on the 1800? With that said, I'm not cheer leading the Best Buy, Chickfila, Lowe's shopping centers. I am be posting about them but do you think if I were given the choice between a sprawled out big box development or a urban, self sustainable development I'd choose the first option? No, I wouldn't. I'd pick the Eilan's of this world over The Shops at The Rim's time over time.

I think it's foolish to try and compare the USA to the UK and France. If those two countries were as young as the US, they'd also be car oriented and have the large amount of retail per person. The US just happened to start growing these cities in a time when that was and is still the model for most development.
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