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Originally Posted by Mopacs View Post
The spurs players and fans completely fell asleep midway through the 4th Quarter, and were caught off guard by Cleveland's rally. Things got scary there...the Cavs had had a few possessions where they could have closed the gap to 6 or even 5, and it looked like things were spiralling out of control. In any event, the spurs woke up and hit some clutch shots (Ginobli 4 PtPlay). Spurs will likely lose at least 1 games in Cleveland
Did you miss it when the starters were gone and the bench was in there just dicking around. No one was caught off guard, the key players were just resting or e-mailing loved ones about how Cleveland can't "Rise up", only "Bow Down" and how "We are all witness... to the massacre of an over hyped team built on the logic of exhausting a good player surrounded by paper-mache muppets", or how "King James..aka Prince Jim, was dethroned by Emperor Parker". HA HA HA! too much fun!
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