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After the World Building, skyscraper design improved and problems such as where to locate stairwells, elevators and all that were tackled. The early fears about safety were overcome, and more adventurous designs began to appear.

The 530-foot spire of Ulmer Munster Cathedral in Munster, Germany — still the tallest cathedral in the world — was completed in 1890, so cathedrals were still holding their own as far as city skylines went. None of the early skyscrapers posed any challenge to them.

Manhattan Life Insurance Building

Location: New York City

Year completed: 1894

Height: 348 feet (18 storeys)

Claim to fame: The Manhattan Life Insurance Building was the first skyscraper to pass the height of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and thus became the tallest structure in New York City.

Status: The building was demolished in 1930 to make way for the Irving Trust Bank Headquarters.
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