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Originally Posted by bresilhac View Post
The Alamodome was completed in 1993. Various renovations have been done including the adding of some 13 luxury boxes to the original 39 and a new paint job begun last year. The Alamodome is a beautiful structure that should be the home of an NFL team. Imo this will happen within five years. Maybe sooner if Benson opts out of the current contract he has with Louisiana.

I agree. The Alamodome gets knocked by those in other cities who have never set foot in it. It is actually a VERY nice facility, but just lacks the luxury boxes NFL teams are looking for. Other than that, it is a very nice stadium, and not a thing wrong with it. Although certainly not on par with stadiums being built now like Jerry Jones' 1 billion dollar stadium. I think it cost about 186M back in 93 when built, whatever that equates to in today's standards.

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