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Originally Posted by Rhody View Post
Always wondered this, just like in some locations in China where the construction site is surrounded by undeveloped grass/dirt lots. How did the real estate market and financing of a city go from no/few highrises to supporting a monster??
Okay...a few things.

Firstly, these cities are an order of magnitude more dense than anything in North America or Oceania.

Secondly, the skyscrapers that do go up are usually limited by height restrictions. As such, you can either build a campus style building/set of buildings in the city or go for a taller single structure outside of it.

Lastly, they simply can't build these things in the city centers for any number of reasons. It's very rare for them to be built in the "middle of nowhere". It's a North American and Oceanic thing to have a single civic core. In most of the world, there may be a larger core but office space is generally spread throughout the city. That being the case, new showpieces tend to act as something of anchors for new residential developments in the area.
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