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Originally Posted by Mark in Mount Airy View Post
First time caller, long time listener here...

When I saw this branded content on the Philadelphia Inquirer website (link below) -- General Building Contractors Association promoting certain development projects in the City -- I noticed that the Mellon Independence Center was one of 29 in a list of projects that (apart from one other) I believe were recently completed, under construction, or undeniably moving forward. Is something really happening with this project, or is the case of the song on Sesame Street where "One of these things, is not like the other"? Only this project and the SLS Lux hotel project in a list of 29 appeared to be dead. Any news here?
I have no information about this, but I would point out that that "article" is really an advertorial (bleccccch, hate terms like that) written by the General Builders Contractors of America, and not written by