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Originally Posted by cole world11 View Post
Can't say i'm a fan of the drive-thru, it looks weird. the whole building looks strange....

Are there windows on the left side of the Maverick building? If so, their view is pretty much diminished.
You are not the only one...

from HDRC notes
Staff recommends conceptual approval based on the findings above with the following stipulations:
1. The possibility of vehicular access through College Street is explored
2. The fenestration pattern along the west side of the front facade is revised to align as close as possible to the adjacent
Maverick building.
3. Window proportions follow nearby historic facades
4. More articulation is incorporated on the east and south elevations to avoid large expanses of blank walls
5. Information on location of mechanical systems is submitted during final approval
There are windows facing East on the Maverick. Their view will be gone, but they will at least get some light. It looks like only the front two windows align with the lot line; not so much for the rest of it.,,0,-7.07

Originally Posted by BNF View Post
What are the cross streets of this building? It does have a really odd look to it.
To the East is Broadway-Losoya/Houston. To the West is Jefferson-N. Presa/Houston. College St. is the one "behind" the hotel.
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