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Originally Posted by techie View Post
An excavator was there during the winter to dig some test holes,presumably for a geotechnical report for a new building. It could be Swiss chalet. Also, there is still a lot left to be developed directly between the Staples and WokBox. That location would work as well.
There's a lot left in front of Staples? I hadn't noticed that, but it seems like it would become very crowded if a building were placed in that spot. Just from a purely aesthetic point of view. I'm trying to picture a building there and its not working for me, although I vaguely recall an unpaved section in the middle of the parking lot now that I really think about it. That said, it might be a better spot considering that's the same side as the other restaurants on Kelsey (Boston Pizza, Wok Box and Subway), though its not like the opposite side is far away. Either way good call on relocating. Once you get a reputation for rats or bad vibe etc... it sticks forever.

I remember when I lived in Sydney N.S. there was a McDonald's which had been the site of a murder. After that business trailed off and eventually a new restaurant was built about 500 metres away in a neighbouring parking lot. Picked up again after that.
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