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A few UK Libraries -

Liverpool Picton Reading Room and Hornby Library -

Pics coutesy of Simon Curran - Flickr

Manchester Central Library

Pic - Matthew Black (flickr)

pic - mirki (flickr)

Bristol Central Library

pic - bolou (flickr)

pic- stevecadman (flickr)

Edinburgh Central Reference Library

chris_malcolm (flickr)

Tales of One City (flickr)

Mitchell Library - Glasgow (the largest public reference library in Europe)

Oldsch00l (flickr)

brotherofapesod (flickr)

John Rylands - Manchester

Video Link

Anosmia (flickr)

Paul Williamson-GWC (flickr)

Paul Williamson-GWC (flickr)

Paul Williamson-GWC (flickr)

Paul Williamson-GWC (flickr)

Anosmia (flickr)

Paul Williamson-GWC (flickr)

Chetham's (Medieval Chained) Library - Manchester (oldest free public reference library in the United Kingdom)

Video Link's_Library

All pics - The Edditer (flickr)

Bodleian Library - Oxford

List of Oxford University College Libraries -


Duke Humphrey Reading Room

Keli Rylance (picasa)

CaputAethiopum (flickr)

Wren Library - Trbity College - Cambridge

List of Cambridge University College Libraries -

wgsiesser (flickr)

lauralilauralu (flickr)

lauralilauralu (flickr)

British Museum Library - Reading Room

The Reading Room was used by a large number of famous figures, including notably Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Karl Marx, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Mahatma Gandhi, Rudyard Kipling, George Orwell, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Lenin, Norbert Elias, Virginia Woolf, Arthur Rimbaud and H. G. Wells.

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