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I just found out about this one. Where have I been

Thats a lot of money for 500 extra seats.


The stadium renovation project will include preservation of the existing structure and enhancements that will improve the game-day experience for all fans. Planning has been under way for more than three years. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of the 2007 football season and to be completed by August 2010.

Improvements will include:

Wider seats and aisles with handrails to make it easier for fans to use the aisles.
New elevated concourses with additional restrooms and concessions along both sidelines.
More seating for fans with impaired mobility along the sidelines.
Two new buildings on the north end of the stadium that will house additional restrooms, concessions and public safety services.
A new building on the south end of the stadium that will offer additional concessions and restrooms.
A new press box for media and game operations.
Refurbished restroom facilities.
650+ new chairback seats on the west side.
49 suites in the west side structure (36 suites located on the first level and 13 suites on the second level).
1,900+ outdoor club seats and stadium lounge on the first level of the east side structure.
250+ indoor club seats and 850+ covered outdoor club seats and stadium lounge on the second level of the east side structure.
36 suites on the third level of the east side structure.
Four towers, one at the end of each sideline structure, with elevators and wide stairways to bring patrons to the new concourses and enclosed seating areas.

Seating of more than 108,000 compared to the present 107,501.

The expected cost of $226 million will be funded through private donations and Athletic Department resources, primarily the revenues generated by the new seating.
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