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I went to HK this summer and I had many things that I didn't expect.
I've never seen a 1-2story building in Hong Kong before.
Second, HKIsland is barely visible from other places in HK.
Third, the buildings are larger, brighter, and the skyline is better in person!

Hehe, don't ever judge on pictures.
Even the best picture of the best skyline, seeing in person is better than that!

Anyways, the worst ride was when we were in Mong Kok driving to Tsim Sha Shui with my cousin so we could watch the light show. There was a huge traffic and took exactly 1 hour to get there!
Oh my god, I was so lucky that they were still introducing the buildings/companies that supported the light show.
My cousin lived in HK for his whole entire life and it's his first time seeing it btw lol!
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