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I flew out of SAT yesterday and took a few pictures of the new terminal construction. They have completely rerouted the road in front of terminal two and set up a makeshift drop-off/pickup point that will serve the airport until construction is finished. The new setup, although temporary, is absolutely terrible. It looks cheap and traffic is a nightmare. Hopefully another change is planned before Thanksgiving and Christmas traffic hits. Of course, this is all growing pains - the new terminal will be a great addition to the airport.

Although terminal 2 is a mess, I found all the terminal 1 improvements to be quite nice. I haven't flown through that terminal in a while and it was nice to see the finished product. Also, as of this week SAT now offers free Wifi. I think Sacramento is the only other airport to do the same.

Anyway, here are the pics, taken from the upper level of terminal 1:

1. The torn up road and the new drop-off/pickup setup I mentioned. Notice the terrible traffic at 2pm on a Monday. The traffic was backed all the way past terminal 1:

2. Demolishing part of the old terminal 2, and beginning work on the two level road that will eventually connect with the road in front of terminal 1:

3. Beginning work on the new terminal:

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