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Originally Posted by chadpcarey View Post
I'll give you credit for the second part being funny. But the first part is factually incorrect.

The only thing Sculley will "manage" is the implementation of the master plan. Private owners/developers will still control individual sites/projects.

And we don't have "wanna-be" developers; we have cautious developers because the costs and complexity of building urban projects is staggering.

The Geiss project was a failure because Geiss stopped paying his contractor. And Cross & Co. are ready to re-start construction as soon as Geiss runs out of litigation options.
Thanks and you're right of course, this is definately an outsider's view. I did not take the time to look over that area's tax records.

Yes, manage was probably a poor choice of a word. I believe that the city's input is important. It's just that this city really hasn't had the best track record in regards to planning, so instead of taking a strong stand when they should I can see them easing up and letting dumb and ugly creep in.

I wasn't saying there were wanna-be developer's, it was property owners who have ambitions of or profiting from development and don't really understand the costs or complexity that go into these types of projects. Then when someone moves and starts to make things happen, like Cross, they become obstructionists and make claims of insider deals.

Maybe I'm being dense, but how exactly is this insider? When I think of insider deals, I think of land buying next to the Toyota site before it's announced. The big thing in this area is the riverwalk expansion. Everyone knows where the river runs. I think the Pearl development happened in the first place because they really believed the river expansion would happen. Will some other big thing happen in this area? Is at&t ready to make a major commitment to the city? (just threw that out there for fun)
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