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Originally Posted by Double L View Post
I like to watch The Rockets better because they are known for having good teamwork and strong assists, that's why I like to watch their games better because the players know how to feed off of each other and follow each others moves. They're very organized, they just don't have the best point makers outside of the top two. It's great entertainment to watch them feed off of each other.
No offense whatsoever, are you from another country? Your grammar and use of words (point makers?) stand out as someone from another country speaking in broken english/using terms from their countrys main sport. As for what you said, the Spurs are the epitome of team basketball. They lead the NBA in assists per game. If that doesn't tell you how much a team they are, I don't know what does.

I said the Spurs "Use the most basic plays", and that's in agreement with your assessment.
Motion offense isn't a basic play. Could you please define what you think a basic play is, because the motion offense the Spurs use is anything buy basic.

The Spurs are known as a slow team, that's why they decided to hire Micheal Finley. They hired him because they knew what they needed was an energetic player and that's what they needed.
Michael Finley isn't an energetic player, they signed him because he was released from his contract and is a great outside shooter. Michael Finley would not solve any "slowness" of any team, the guy is 34 years old playing with a bad back and bad knees. The Spurs are anything but slow, just look at this years playoffs, out of the 16 teams who made the playoffs, they are currently 5th in points per game at 98 points a game. Who is dead last? Houston at 87 points per game. Cleveland who we are facing in the finals, 10th at 91 points a game.

No offense, do you watch any basketball whatsoever? I say that simply because of the strange terminology you've used so far in your posts as well as calling Michael Finley energetic. It makes me think you are either from another country trying to adapt to the sport or are someone who rarely watches the NBA and is now trying to engage in a discussion about the NBA.

You have no right to claim that I have a Houston bias, I said that I watched the Spurs when I first moved here and was open to becoming a fan, but then I decided that I didn't like the team because of their basic "run across and shoot" plays, just like what you described.
Could you explain to me what "plays" the Rockets run during a game that is different from anything 90% of the league runs as well.

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