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Originally Posted by R@ptor View Post
I really don't know if that's a particularly good idea and if the majority of the people living in central Paris would like to see this.
I just returned from 5 days in Paris 2 days ago and the differences between central Paris and some of the suburbs, especially those in the northern parts couldn't possibly be any larger. The Paris inside the ring highway is a piece of urban art, while some parts of the Paris outside the ring highway are as close to slums as you can get in western Europe with lots of crime and poverty. If both parts would be unified that would mean that a lot of the money of central Paris would flow into the parts outside of downtown and I'm not so sure if the Parisians would welcome that.

Inner Paris has also dangerous districts A lot of northern district of┬ĘParis looks at Saint Denis with a lot of old and modern buildings but poorer than the southern and western suburbs
The 18th, 19th and 20th arrondissement are less expensive than Sceaux, Levallois, Boulogne Issy les Moulineaux, Montrouge, Neuilly, Vincenne, Saint Mande...
and suburbs = slums is a myth.

Some pictures of inner suburban municipalities
Some are in northem surburbs

A picture of Aulney sous Bois suburbs, municipality know by the riot of 2005

Some municipalities have horrible public housing block but the majority has Haussmannian building a lot of modern offices and housing building and little urban houses.

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